I want to rest. I want to know what it feels like to lay my body in your arms and hands…sink into you. Allow my heart, soul, and mind to rest, liquefy and turn into fluid gold. You mold and caress me, melting me into what I long to become, while I rest. Through your fingers I leak, like strands of sumptuous liquid silk. 
Now I’m a woman again, soft, yellow-brown like the color of wheat, but not dry. Your hands are upon me. If they were tinged with tame lust they would scold my supple flesh, but they’re not. Your soulful touch smooths the lines of worry from under my eyes, caressing and pinching, my nipples, belly and thighs…
I  sigh
I have become your creation, like ivory and ebony keys to a pianist, and I am just as delicate and responsive to your caress as your essence or presence. Only I don’t sing, or hum…I purr…while I rest beneath your easing. I rest until it’s over. I am beyond feeling, I am beyond peace, I am experiencing…a love which heals like no ointment or spell.
I can finally rest

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