My Quotes

I am happy to share these with you. They are all my own…

– Life grows gardens your thoughts seed and sow.
– Regret is a medicine best taken with a glass of humor.
– Those who are afraid of death aren’t living Life.
– To BE a Lighthouse and shine as bright as one can see is to save ALL those lost at sea.
– The true teacher knows he’s the student.
– There are no obstacles, merely misalignment.
– The road to Ascension may first detour along the road Rock Bottom.
– Jealousy is just the result of self-neglect.
– Destiny or Destitution?
– Weird is in the eye of the beholder.
– True Wisdom winds back around to Innocence.
– When did sharing and cooperation NOT work?
– Money comes to those in faith.
– The problem with women is that they’re too busy disciplining their bodies and not their minds.
 – Everyone has their own Destiny, and their own Way there.
– Silence is the best companion to patience.
– Blind fool to wise fool is the journey.
– The path to impeccability is never ‘achieved’. It is a walking, waking meditation.
– Appearances…they are seeming.
“Existential Crisis” is an oxymoron.
– The Darkness is just the womb cuddling you into rebirth.
– Where there is a Tao, there is a Way.

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