I Beckon You…

I don’t know how to feel right now. Dissapointment is an understatement. Especially when one knows that mistakes are merely misalignment. I’m bored, and done…with poverty consciousness in general, but especially within my relationships. Growing up poor has taken its toll on me, but mostly in the realm of relationships.
I’ve always been the caretaker, and have thus been convinced that caretaking is an essential part of a relationship. That I will inevitably need to raise someone less stable, more confused, and in need of direction. I believed that my only life purpose was to be the Harriet Tubman to this world of slaves; one by one, one by one, one by one, helping each onto their underground railway. No thank you. Those old agreements have fled under my radar this whole Life, keeping me imprisoned to a reality of therapist-service-worker (when I am a Goddess-liberator-of-the-masses). I’ve been lost to my secret Dream.
It stood behind the shroud of my unknowing. I am ripe now.
What I writhe in wait for…are equals. Mutual masters of the material…and immaterial. Honed. Whole. Happy. I’ve ‘fought’ for my integrity and balance, and let go of my shield and sword. I have taught others. I am exhausted. It’s now boring. I am a Creator. A performer. A singer. An ideology maker. My truest desire in Life is to create and express my divine knowing and beauty. I desire others to co-create with. And I no longer believe that you need to be broken or dismayed in order to be my friend or lover. I do not need to mentor the people in my Life just because that’s all I’ve known. I can have a life of passion, creativity, and bliss. I’ve had it. I’ve always compromised it in order to “save souls”. Well this is how I save the most….by staying within my vortex of bliss and blinding light. I can be their Harriet Tubman. “Follow the Light.”
Cognizant, creative, and constructive I am. I am whole. I love myself and like myself. I have fun. I am trustworthy. I know where I am going in Life, and I know exactly how to get there. I am balanced dark and light. I am generous, and perfectly flawed. To Be within The Balance, experiencing Great Mystery with impeccability is my only aspiration in Life. And to amplify my creations for all the World to receive…is my Destiny. So shall it be.
Partners in time, I beckon you to join me…

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  1. Ava
    May 22, 2011 @ 19:34:28

    “Well this is how I save the most….by staying within my vortex of bliss and blinding light.”

    This is how you continuously inspire me. Meeting in a place where we are both in our one. I extend a hand to meet yours, not overtake yours. Interlocked in this space and time. Silence and the resounding hum of the one universal breath. On other planes I feel you, through resonance of sound and the rhythm of words from an ancient time. Sacred Seed Syllables. I play with you over lifetimes of creation and joy. Hear our laugh, for this is eternal.


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