Feminine Beauty

I recently read an article written by a man who wrote, “When magazines and television present some fake, plastic surgery constructed stick of a woman as the female ideal, you may be thinking, “Yuck, she’s so gross,” but your lady may be thinking, “I wish I looked like that.”
From my own personal experience, I have witnessed what this article has pointed out, “men like women with curves” but many women have been made to believe otherwise. And many men have been too oppressed and conditioned to speak up about their true heart’s desire.
Since the industry of Capitalism is so hell-bent on using sex to sell, why would they ‘starve’ us all by imposing a feminine beauty ideal that is akin to Hitler’s internment camp victims; emaciated and miserable, dark circles, visible ribs and spine?

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Or they offer us a “perfect female body” that is more of a young male…complete with lean, muscular legs, narrow hips, six-pack abs, chiseled jaw, and square shoulders…

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Yes, I am suggesting that Capitalism is preying upon the latent homosexual tendencies hidden in men by prescribing them sexual ideals of androgenous youth. Yes, I am also proposing that the fashion and beauty industry is currently predominated by gay men who are blatant about their beauty ideals: nubile MaSculiNity. And yes, I am saying that US media has a Hitler-esque agenda with women that is currently working like a charm. Women are policing themselves and one another, as well as self-subscribing to this genocide of the female body temple and divine feminine spirit.
So what now? I am also proposing a solution…bring back Women. Ripe fruit is juicy, not hard and dry. Let’s leave the little girls and boys alone to someday grow up and become mature sexual beings with mature sexual bodies.
In these paintings of ideal feminine beauty, notice how the women are playful, self-secure, and smiling? Today’s beauty standard suggests women give their best “mean face” in order to be seductive to a man, which doesn’t make sense when psychologists throughout time have proven that a woman’s smile entices a man’s interest…as the energy of feminine is receptive. Juicy and inviting…

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