You are the Age of Aquarius

Illusion wraps you like a dreamscape that won’t let you breathe. It taunts you with feelings, worries, and fears that have taken you down in the past. You push to move beyond it, but it beckons you back, wrapping you around its finger. You say aloud, “But this is not what I want. This is not ME.” But it laughs in your face, bullying you into the past…where you agreed you were less. 
Awakening to your power is allowing a death to consume your old agreements: You once agreed that Life is a bitch. You once agreed to it being suffering. You now awaken to the light of your Truth, and cry out for a better life. But the conditions are staunch. The seemingly wise words of elders resound with a morose vision that fills you with dread. “How can that be?” “Why would I choose to live in this time?” “Isn’t there something better?!” “I just want to be happy…healthy…free…self-sustainable…”
666 is the mark of the beast…mentality. He who repeatedly chooses fight or flight. The one that picks up the sword to fight against a seeming threat, or the shield to protect against a seeming threat. We are transmuting this beast-minded consciousness that separates us from one another. We share one spirit, and one mind. It’s what allows for telepathy and our born omniscience.
We suffer because we’ve denied this Oneness. We fight with our karma, and resist growing. We’ve denied learning, and blame others for our circumstances. We run away.
999 is the mark of the enlightened…mentality. He who bears down in love over fear. The one that picks up the ointment to heal the wounded, even if that’s himself. The one who reaches out to a seeming threat.
We are all learning to embrace our self-created-reality as it is trying to show us something: the change we want to cultivate. The change that you have the power to create.
Do you react when your emotions are hurt? Do you wish that you “could just be heard!” or “just get out what you’ve got to say!”? This is why we fight. This is why we flee. We want to be heard. We want to speak our truths and be validated. Oftentimes you will push your needs, wants, and hurt onto another…expecting them to guide you, validate you, or heal you. And they fail. Then you blame them.
The enlightened mind does not react to his emotions. Why? React? Take action against? Presume an offense andreact? React? What if the circumstance was just a misunderstanding? What if there is more to this picture than is visible? The beast-mind reacts: fight or flight. The enlightened mind listens…to his own emotions, with self-respect and empowered knowing. He will stop, drop, and turn inward to understand what this emotion (compass) is pointing him toward. The enlightened mind will embrace emotions, understand pain, and never react. With a half smile, she will take the response-ability she has to her own self, her own path, and her own emotions…and speak her feelings to herself, listen to her own feelings, and be heard and informed…no longer in need of outward validation.
Beasts eat one another. It’s why they fear. If you are afraid of being eaten (by your circumstances), then you do not know your power. You do not understand that you wrote these circumstances. You created them by agreeing to them over and over again in your past this life or another. And so they are teaching you exactly what you wanted to learn here on Earth in this incarnation. By reacting to your self-created-reality, you are fighting with, or fleeing from, circumstances that are moving you along toward your higher purpose. And so these unfavorable circumstances will persist. Until you stop, drop, and finally listen to yourself. Only then will you allow your self to evolve out of this, and only then will you learn how.
Fight or flight reactionary fear-based beast-mentality is how we’ve been ingrained by our society to behave. It’s everywhere. Everywhere. Buddha-like self-awareness is thus difficult to cultivate in these times. It requires your calm mind and still spirit. It assumes that you know where your journey is leading you, so you remain relaxed in the now…confronting life, and all circumstances with a half smile and open spirit. No need to react against what you don’t want because you are so dedicated to pursuing what you do want–being and living your highest expression.
Go with the flow means…go with the flow of your heart’s desire. To follow only your bliss, and embrace the seeming challenge as the gold that it actually is, is the enlightened mind. It will have to be cultivated.
Your body is a beast. An animal. Lovely, lustful, and animated. It feels so many things and it stores a lot of information. Your body is always communicating to you a Truth; fear, ecstasy, doubt, frustration, desire…Your body’s communications are joined with your very soul’s communications, and your Creator’s. Yes it is important to listen to the information your (animal) body is sending to you, and to always allow that to shape your direction. But to react to your circumstances from your body’s base initial instincts and interpretations without first checking in with your soul’s knowing and your Creator’s knowing, is to fight with your evolution, or flee from it.
We are the equivalent to other technology systems we know of (Ipod). Evolution and innovation is your only survival now. This is the Age of Aquarius. So evolve…
I love you,

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