Why We Suffer…

To sink your well of compassion for others going through similar struggle, and so one day you will Pay it Forward. We are One, on this Earth together; a family. It takes a village…
To reunite you with your soul’s mission. When you suffer it’s because you are not experiencing your heart’s desire, passion, or purpose. The suffering is like a bull-horn blowing in your face, “You are not living your highest truth like this! Make a change.”
To discover who your real friends and true family are.
To gain awareness of the ills of the World. Suffering is the arrow of awareness. Knowledge = Power.
To balance out old deeds (what you do to others always comes back to you…in one life or another).
To master the balance between selfless and selfish, and stand up for yourself or another in what’s right.
To finally choose what you want, instead of fulfilling the obligations & expectations of others as it kills you.
To officially pull on your strengths in order to overcome your weaknesses.
To ascend…to fall in love with Yourself, and to learn patience, as well as tenderness for your inner child.
If you are suffering, please remember this One Rule: TLC. Do what you can to love and care for yourself and your loved ones unconditionally. Here’s the only equation to know when you are experiencing suffering: Love > fear. Love yourself and love everyone else in your life right now, as suffering is on most people’s menu at this time in our collective evolution. Let everyone you love know how much they mean to you, and how they have helped to shape you. Don’t take anyone for granted. They are toting their own baggage, and require your empathy and tenderness right now. And you require theirs. Stand up for justice, even if you’re scared, and always do What’s Right by everyone in the situation. Be the change you wish to see…
All my love and courage to you Warriors out there…
Thank you for your bravery, compassion, and generosity.
I love you,

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