The Ascension Process:

Stage1- Doing what you Don’t Want because you “have to”, it’s comfortable, or acceptable…
Stage 2- Fail/Rock Bottom/Change (when you do what you DON’T Want, you fail)
Stage 3- Through the contrast, you wake up to an idea of what you DO want, then move toward your True Calling (or go back to Stage 1)…
Stage 4- Detox old patterns, agreements, and conditioning that surfaces to taunt you into going back to doing what you Don’t Want some more, or to give up pursuing your True Calling. To doubt. To fear.
In stage 4, your fears and doubts are an illusion. Here to bully you back into old attractions. Stay in the faith of what you know you want in Life. Keep your face to the sunshine, and you will not see the shadows. Move in the direction of your Dreams. They DO come true. Do What You Want, and more of it will come to you. Oh yea, and instant gratification for doing what you want right now. 😉
You have a Destiny; a purpose in Life, a contract with your Creator and Higher Self. And when you’re doing that, you are happy and fulfilled, passionate and abundant. If you are Not doing what you want, then you’ll be suffering in the contrast. But you’ll be learning what you DO WANT by suffering with what you DON’T WANT. In time, you’ll figure it out, and move onward and outward toward your Dreams, True Desires, and Destiny. Heart’s Desire = Destiny. They’re the same thing.
Stage 5- Receiving…your True Heart’s Desire
So whatever stage you’re in…hold on to your soul, and let go of your fears and doubts. Love yourself during these times. We are all enduring right now, so be tender with yourself and others during these times…and evolve.
I love you,

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