Silence is the Best Companion to Patience

When we are miserable…we have compromised our own true desires for another’s, or a collective’s. We come to find then that they are flowing along another stream, and that we can no longer bear the brunt of that flow. It is best to then embrace one’s silence, for anything else is resistance, retaliation, rebellion: fight or flight. Immaturity. And definitely not ascended wisdom. Fighting with constraints tightens the grip.


Silence allows you to pull into your own stream and to release the resistance that words would mistakenly conjure at this time. Silence gives you the breadth of breath, space, and the open terrain within to begin mapping your way back to your stream. Returning to your natural state of silence, you become Source, slipping into your vortex of peace, where you begin to flow downstream…an automatic alignment to your true vibration, flow…Self. 


Remain within that silence, your natural void, where Great Mystery wraps you into it’s warmth, and you are safe. Home within your silence. Trust yourself, rest in patience, and be still. Allow your inner stillness to envelope your whole being. And as you slip into the soft silence…you are reuniting with eternal Grace.
I love you,

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