Releasing Sorrow

When one carries “the ills of the World”, where do they carry them? In their heart. How must that effect their attractions? Your heart is a magnet, and your point of focus is your feeling–what you are magnetically drawing into your reality. If you feel sorrow for what you perceive as suffering, than you agree that suffering is “real”…as opossed to growth, contrast, or experience.
“Suffering” is relative, especially when considering how much humans enjoy and seek out challenge and contrast. Why? Because ONLY in contrast or opposition have we been pushed to exert or assert our individual will, our strengths, and our own desires. Without the dark energies of negativity, we would not be as readily apt to carve out our own path, unique direction, intent for improvements, or mission. It is only through contrast, unfortunately, that the human steps up to grab its Destiny. (The younger generations, though, will show us a thing or two about “seizing the moment” and capitalizing on the good moments and skipping around undue contrast).
A balance is ideal, yes…and for the dark energies of Source to be expressed and released where most appropriate. In order to balance these energies Now, and release all the pent up sorrow you’ve been accumulating, a “strategic release” is necessary…
Releasing Sorrow Exercise:
-Take a bath, and conjure the sorrow you carry…then cry (men especially benefit from this)
-Allow your cells, soul, and heart to let go of the sorrow and pain….Release It into the water…
-As the water goes down the drain, to disintegrate into the void, it is no longer within you, weighing you down. 
-You may now walk into your new World literally with a lighter heart.
-Repeat this as often as you require…
My love, courage, and stength are always with you,

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