How to “Walk Your Path”

When we talk about The Way, we are referring to ‘the path’ you are walking in Life. This path traverses the 3 dimensional world that we experience tangibly in our ‘everyday reality’. We can see it, touch it, and feel it. ‘Our way’ is evident by the circumstances we are surrounded by; situations, relationships, and physical environments.
But this 3 dimensional ‘path’ is also interwoven within a matrix far less tangible yet even more instrumental. There are rules of society that we know: Don’t speed.  Be rich.  When we abide by these rules, if we can, we often find success and ease (albeit unhappiness may often still reign). As much as these “rules of society” govern our lives and world, there are also “laws of the Universe” that control our lived reality even more so. These ubiquitous universal laws don’t feel as tangible as the rules imposed on us by our society, but they are as powerful.
Life grows gardens your thoughts seed and sow. Your mind, heart, and gut are always projecting vibrations that shape your soon-to-be-reality via your most concentrated thoughts, feelings, and actions. Energies. This Universe is premeditated and sustained on energy. Life automatically responds to materialize what you most think, feel, and do. You are living an independent reality that is being crafted solely by your own thoughts. Your very thoughts, feelings, and actions transmit an energetic frequency that emanates outward into a trajectory of soon-to-be-reality.
E > Mc2
How do we take the reigns of our imagination back in order to deliberately create a path of our choosing? Our mind, heart, and gut are the tools that enable us to deliberately create our lived reality (as governed by the very physics of this world). What lived reality will we create when our minds have been programmed to self-defeat? When our hearts have been programmed to fear instead of love? When our guts have been trampled and “sucking up” to our aggressors is our only option for survival? Annihilation is how most of our minds have been disciplined to operate. Our sickened world, body temple, and spirit is no news flash. We’ve been unwittingly programmed to create a nightmare for ourselves and one another. These Universal laws are blatantly evident all around you, even if they continue to go unnoticed or naysayed.
So how do you re-write your operating system?
   You let go…
and trust in Great Mystery

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